Void Filling

Residential Void Filling in Eastern Tennessee

Master Concrete specializes in residential void filling, as well as structural repair, maintenance, and total replacement. Voids are present for several reasons. Poor or rocky soil, climate, and most likely, natural washing out of soil beneath or adjacent to concrete can cause voids. Master Concrete Services can fill these voids easily and affordably, preventing further costly repairs. Voids cause sinking soil and concrete to worsen dramatically over time.

Voids in soil are common due to washout over time. Eastern Tennessee has high limestone and shale content with less than average organic matter, leading to more voids, and thus more slab maintenance needs.

As well as voids under the soil, there are commonly voids in pre-existing concrete as well. These small holes, sometimes referred to as fish eyes are simply imperfections from the original concrete installation. As technology has improved, there are ways to avoid these unsightly imperfections. Master Concrete Services can eliminate these voids from pre-existing concrete slabs.