Driveways / Sidewalks

Driveways and Sidewalks in Eastern Tennessee

Your home’s driveway and sidewalk are literally the paths to your life and livelihood. As you enter and exit your home, these spaces serve as reminders of where you have been and where you have yet to go. As you continue to utilize these spaces daily, the concrete slabs that comprise your driveway and sidewalk receive a lot of pressure and weight.

Is your driveway or sidewalk sinking? Maybe you’ve noticed a larger step down when you take a step toward your car, or perhaps your yard hedge is slightly higher than the concrete beside it. With repetitive traffic hitting these surfaces, the sinking will only continue and serve as a hazard or eyesore. With minimally invasive and quick-acting polyurethane foam, your morning commute to work can be worry free, and your landscaping will show the time and love you put into it, without the unsightly sunken or cracked appearance.