Concrete Lifting and Leveling

Concrete Lifting and Leveling

With the advent of technological materials such as polyurethane foams and resins, outdated and less pleasant concrete lifting strategies, such as slab jacking, become unnecessary in many slab repair scenarios.

Slab jacking means drilling large holes into the concrete, blasting a cement slurry or mud at a high pressure to elevate the soil, and takes several days to weeks to cure. A substantial use of resources and energy, the repairs are often temporary at best. Slab jacking may in fact even worsen the issue, placing further strain on the soil. The cement slurry or mud often spouts through the drilled holes at such a force as to be chaotic and messy.

There are circumstances where total replacement is the better option. Repairing or resurfacing may seem smarter, due to the price difference, but this may only be a short-term fix in some cases. The same issues you had prior to the resurfacing may appear again once time passes. If there are deep, wipespread cracks, sinking concrete slabs, concrete with obvious frost heave, or concrete with many signs of spalling, total replacement will save you time and money for the long-term.

Injecting polyurethane to lift and repair concrete slabs is efficient and minimally invasive. Rather than drilling many large and unattractive holes in the slab, this process demands one to two very small holes be drilled, in strategic locations. A chemical reaction produces high-functioning polyurethane foam that fills any problematic voids within the underlying soil. Using high-end polymers to elevate the concrete, curing takes mere minutes. This means your concrete slab can be used at full capacity, holding full loads, soon after repair.

In addition to addressing safety issues, ensuring aesthetic stability, and using significantly less energy and resources, there are other benefits to utilizing polyurethane injection when lifting concrete. Increasing property value, concrete slab repair is an important financial investment, as well.