Total Slap Replacement Might Be Unnecessary


Sometimes it seems that your problem is so bad that you need to just start over. Your driveway has settled two inches too many, or there are so many cracks in the concrete that you are afraid that the neighbors will think you have just abandoned your home for the wilderness to take over. Total slab replacement is just what it sounds like; you tear away the old concrete and have it replaced with new concrete.

Total slab replacement is also the most expensive concrete repair service. Not only this, but it requires a lot of heavy machinery that turns your home into a construction zone and could also damage your yard. After you have spent an entire day tearing up the old concrete, after the new concrete is poured it could take up to 24 hours just to walk on, and as long as 30 days just for any car to drive on.

Homeowners sometimes use total slab replacement as a last resort, however, most times it is not even necessary. Master Concrete Services poly lifting service allows you to keep your driveway, and after the foam injection, the driveway is fully usable in only 15 minutes. Poly lifting only requires penny sized holes to be drilled into the sunken slab, which are completely filled after the service, and the foam permanently lifts the sunken concrete slab.

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