What Exactly is Concrete?


Concrete is such a colloquial, every day term; yet do we truly know what its made of? Concrete consists of Portland cement, sand, gravel or aggregate, small rocks, and varying amounts of water. These ingredients are blended together to generate a paste, which is then poured into a frame, and dries hard with time. A chemical reaction occurs between the water and the cement to create a solid foundation.

Concrete is a stellar bonding agent to connect bricks, stones, and other hard materials effectively. Concrete suits many residential and commercial functions. concrete dates as far back as 5600 BC and is the most used man-made material to date. For thousands of years, concrete has been used for a myriad of purposes including public works, flooring, foundational services, and much more.

Not to be confused with cement, concrete typically contains a proportion of water and cement to help it become a binding material. Rather, cement is a binding substance that sets and hardens. Cement comes in two forms: Hydraulic and Non-Hydraulic. Hydraulic cement hardens using water, which, in turn, creates a water resistant product. Non-hydraulic cement uses materials that do not harden when exposed to water. For these reasons, Master Concrete Services always uses hydraulic cement materials to provide the most reliable concrete and to ensure extra protection against water damage.

For your questions regarding concrete, repair and installation services, give Master Concrete Services a call to receive the most reliable concrete expertise.

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