Polyurethane- A Breakdown

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What is polyurethane? Polyurethane or poly is a two-part urethane polymer that when mixed together, produces a high density, durable foam-like substance. This chemical reaction is used to lift and level concrete slabs as well as fill voids in the underlying soil. Polyurethane has many different forms and is used for a wide array of purposes including paint sealant, hard plastic parts used for electronics, hoses, and elastomeric wheels and tires used in roller coasters, escalators, and elevators.

Polyurethane is affordable, lightweight, and has a quick cure time. The expanding polymer reaches it full strength within 15 minutes. The substance is less than 4lbs per cubic foot, yet can carry full loads. Poly offers a long-term, reliable solution cracked, unstable concrete slabs. Polyurethane does not soften or melt when exposed to high temperatures, making it a viable solution for outdoor conditions, especially the hot months of the summer.

Polyurethane injection is a cleaner, quicker, and more efficient solution than slab jacking, commonly referred to as “mudjacking.” The injection requires drilling small (penny-sized) holes into concrete and then inserting a slurry liquid consisting of structural grade polymers which then chemically reacts to product the durable foam substance.