Piney Flats Homeowner Receives a Safer, Level Concrete Space

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David, a Piney Flats homeowner, called Master Concrete Services because he was fed up with how his garage floor had been gradually settling. The front of his garage became a safety concern and lacked stability, causing David to be worried about having his son anywhere within the vicinity of the garage. Sales representative, Jonathan Wiesehuegel, conducted a free inspection and estimate to get the project started and notify David regarding the required course of action.

Led by foreman Paul Walinski, Master Concrete team members injected a polyurethane solution into the concrete slab to fully level the surface. Polyurethane injections are clean, aesthetically pleasing, and easy solutions to concrete stability issues that allow you to continue about your day without interruption. Initially, project team members drilled a small hole in a strategic location in the concrete floor and then injected a solution that causes a chemical reaction to occur, which produces a strong, stable polyurethane foam. The foam hardens in minutes, allowing the concrete slab to transform into its full capacity form and hold heavy loads almost immediately.

Not only was David pleased with the efficiency of the job, but also how the project did not inconvenience him in any way. He could now rest assured that his basement was a safe area for his son to use and play on. Are you concerned about the safety of your un-level concrete slabs? No need to worry, give Master Concrete Services a call and let us conduct a free inspection and estimate!

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