Concrete: A Safety Guide


Cracks in concrete, although very common, can potentially cause a safety concern for your family or guests at your home. Some cracks may pose no threat, however, some cracks are harmful and need to be repaired immediately. People could easily trip due to the cracks in concrete or unleveled surface, which could lead them to fall and even injure themselves. Cracks in concrete surfaces are particularly unsafe in harsh winter conditions, when black ice and moisture can accumulate in the gaps to create a magnet for catastrophe. Additionally, having hazardous concrete?can also lead to great stress and anxiety regarding your children or neighbors running around, biking, skating, or playing on the surfaces. For peace of mind, aesthetically pleasing street appeal, increased home value, and decreased chance of accidents, ensure that your concrete repair is done efficiently and completely.

Concrete cracks are caused by various reasons such as contraction due to thermal changes, shrinkage as the poured concrete hardens, subgrade settlement, and inadequate support. The larger and the more uneven cracks cause even greater threats. Cracks in concrete can also allow moisture to intrude on your home which can lead to even more repairs and finances to address additional issues such as mold, the need for basement waterproofing, warped floors, and musty smells. Unfortunately, when it comes to concrete, you will end up paying for it whether its now or later?and the later it gets, the greater the damage, and the more expensive it gets. Aside from the safety hazards, unleveled concrete also decreases the aesthetic appeal of your house which could lead to issues when trying to sell or rent your property, execute business, or determine the value of your home.

Master Dry recommends having polyurethane injection to fill the cracks and lift uneven concrete slabs. Polyurethane injection is a non-invasive, quick procedure that completely fixes concrete issues. This procedure involves a chemical reaction that generates a foam solution that completely fills the gaps and supports the concrete at full capacity within 15 minutes. To ensure the best investment in your concrete, remedy the problem for good, and provide the utmost level of safety, choose polyurethane injection rather than other more short-term methods such as slab jacking, a temporary and potentially problematic fix.

When it comes to your home and the safety of those around you, it is not worth the time or money to choose anything but the best. Choose the best method and a reliable company to ensure that your safety concerns are put to rest?for good. Give Master Dry a call if you would for use to come out and assess your concrete for free!