Beat the Summer Heat in Safety with Concrete Maintenance

Beat the Summer Heat in Safety with Concrete Maintenance

Now is the time for cookouts, pool parties, and perfect nights with friends and loved ones. The last thing you want is for your family and friends to trip and fall on uneven concrete. The early summer is also typically the height of landscaping season, with early summer storms that lead to higher grass.

This also means that the concrete in and around your home may need some T.L.C. to stay suitable and safe for those long summer evenings. Have you noticed your driveway sinking slightly below ground level? Or maybe your steps are not lined up the way they used to be? This is a tripping hazard and indicates that voids may exist in the soil beneath.

Cracks in concrete can prove to be a whole other issue. Not only are they likewise a tripping hazard, but also they could possibly point to a larger structural issue happening underground or in your homes crawlspace.

Master Dry is well equipped to handle any of your concrete maintenance needs. With the latest in polyurethane technology, lifting and repairing concrete is easier and more convenient than ever before. With minimally invasive polyurethane foam injections, concrete repair methods of the past are upstaged in aesthetic, cost, and time. Your concrete surfaces can be level and fully functional within the hour!

Master Dry is always available for a free estimate on your home.

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