Are Your Pools Decks/Patios Summer Ready?


Is your patio or pool deck summer ready? Memorial Day is quickly approaching and pool season will be in full swing! Be prepared before your children are ready with their goggles & sunscreen and are eager to jump in the pool!

Because swimming pools are large spaces that support heavy a weight of water, they have a higher maintenance requirement than most other home accessories. The large amount of water causes the surrounding concrete to be at risk for cracking or shifting. Cracks in pool decks or patios can often be tripping hazards that can lead to embarrassment or injury. Master Dry offers minimally invasive repair techniques that minimize the time you have to be out of the pool. These techniques allow you to keep splishing & splashing without having to worry about your safety! Dont let your concrete get in the way of your familys summer fun.

Master Dry recommends polyurethane injection, a simple, efficient solution that cures your concrete problems in just less than fifteen minutes. Your concrete will be fully functioning and ready to support loads at full capacity soon after the repair. Not only is polyurethane injection an effective solution for lifting your concrete, it is also an aesthetically pleasing solution that only involves small, strategically placed holes to be drilled in your concrete. Avoid the stress this summer and rely on a team of highly qualified concrete specialists at Master Concrete Services to make your pool area a safe, worry-free zone so you can focus on the more fun things in life. Keep on swimming!