A Highway of Possibilities- Polyurethane


The most well-known use of polyurethane for concrete is its residential use. Meaning that polyurethane is best known for being used to repair driveways, settled staircases, pool decks, patios, etc. However, what is mostly unknown of Master Concrete Services is that we are one of the few approved service companies, through the Tennessee Department of Transportation, for lifting roadways.

Just as concrete slabs can settle at your home they also settle on major roadways, and this can be a serious safety hazard. Recently, May 2016, Master Concrete Services repaired a sunken concrete roadway just before a bridge in Columbia, TN. The west approach of the Industrial Boulevard bridge was down 5 inches, and the east approach was down 1-2 inches. Small holes were drilled into the highway and the polyurethane was injected; just as it would be if this were done at a home. One difference, however, is that the polyurethane used on highways is a more heavy-duty grade.

If you are experiencing any problems with settled/uneven concrete give Master Services a call today! Click here for more information on polyurethane and how it could help you.